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A fresh layer of snow overnight + fire-red sunrise.

Weekend project: cleaning out the garage, the last holdout/dumping-ground from our Oct move. Wish I had a “before” shot—believe it or not, this is a major improvement! 🏡

A beautiful sunrise over Rush Lake this morning. #nofilter 🏡

It was a beautiful foggy morning at Whispering Woods 🏡

A beautiful day to prep the garden for winter. 🏡

the family cleaning out the garden

Moving day. Our first day of snow for the season, too. 🏡

The Big Move 🏡

Our family is getting ready to move from the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area up to central Minnesota. We’ll be closer to my wife’s parents and my own, and right in the heart of beautiful MN lake country. It’s something we’ve wanted to do as a family for a number of years. Since we’re homeschooling the kids this year anyway, now seemed like a good year to make a move like this.

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