MNUFC old-timer Brent Kallman provides the context behind the “Nicest Rivalry in Sports” moniker. Spoiler alert: it’s not so nice. ⚽️
Current listening: the Danish String Quartet’s Prism III 🎶
R.I.P., great author, publisher, and literary scholar Roberto Calasso 📚 🔗
Amen: “Simone Biles Doesn’t Exist To Make America Proud” 🔗
In “The Future is a Decentralized Internet,” Olaf Carlson-Wee explains the theory behind DAOs and other blockchain-based networks. I’ve been exploring these ideas through the 1729 project. 🔗
There’s no world in which I sign up for a newsletter hosted by Bulletin, just like there’s no world in which I ever conduct a transaction on Diem. Zuckerberg’s models of leadership are the 19th century imperialists.
Currently reading: Bill Evans: How My Heart Sings by Peter Pettinger 📚
Stop whatever you’re doing and go listen to Glenn Loury’s podcast conversation with Cornel West. H/t to my friend Pete. 🎧
Current listening: Squint, jazz guitarist Julian Lage’s new album, which features the trio Lage has been playing with lately: Minnesotan Dave King on drums and bassist Jorge Roeder. 🎶
Current listening: Another Land by Dave Holland, featuring Robin Eubanks on guitar and Obed Calvaire on drums. 🎵
Weekend project: cleaning out the garage, the last holdout/dumping-ground from our Oct move. Wish I had a “before” shot—believe it or not, this is a major improvement! 🏡
A beautiful sunrise over Rush Lake this morning. #nofilter 🏡
I’m not interested in the decision of the Facebook “oversight board” on Trump. A foregone conclusion from an inconsequential body. I’m more interested in the decision of the general public to reject Facebook and Twitter entirely. Not a foregone conclusion, but one I hope for.

Management as marketing

I’m no management guru, but my takeaway from the drama at Basecamp is “Don’t confuse your management and your marketing.” Perhaps if the policies hadn’t been communicated so publicly, not so much trust and goodwill would have been lost. As an employee, I wouldn’t feel good about my company making my workplace an example in the latest culture war—regardless of which side of that war I was on. Of course, up till now Basecamp’s marketing has been basically all about revealing their management secrets.