Don’t come at me with some “philosopher test” if Hegel’s not one of the possible results. Hegel should be the only possible result. Sheesh.

My friend Patrick worked with his daughters to make an awesome collaborative card game—Nature Kin—celebrating San Diego’s biodiversity. Check it out!

This World Cup’s group-stage matchday 3 has produced absolutely scintillating, wild, edge-of-your-seat soccer. So, of course, FIFA is considering a bunch of really stupid ways to destroy it. ⚽️

World Cup update: 🇺🇸 and 🇦🇷 are through, so I’m happy. I can enjoy the rest of the group stage without stress. ⚽️

Not surprised—it’s a great album! 🎶

Alan Jacobs on your lies, and mine:

In any given community, there will be a profound divide between those who believe that the most dangerous lies are the ones told by our enemies and those who believe that the most dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Here. 🔗

Despite EA & crypto, we're still living in the Victorians' world 🔗💰📚

Derek Thompson’s short, pensive essay on his own entanglement with effective altruism (EA) and Sam Bankman-Fried leaves off before getting to a problem that enabled both, a problem with the Internet in general: we humans just seem to be at our best when operating locally, in-person. Just as crypto’s promise of “trust in a trustless world” struck many as ridiculous, so too EA has been ridiculed for its impersonal approach to altruism.

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Excited for 🇧🇪-🇨🇦. I spent 90 terrifying minutes several years ago watching Alphonso Davies tear apart #MNUFC at TCF Bank Stadium. I’d love to see Canada get a victory today. ⚽️

So far, this World Cup suggests that it might not be quite the disaster I expected to expand to 48 teams. Many of these smaller and lower-ranked teams can more than keep up—and their fans are showing up in a big way. ⚽️

Jacqui Oakley and Warren Barton are hands-down the best commentators in this Fox squad for the World Cup. They’re, you know, insightful on each team’s players & tactics. They were great yesterday for 🇩🇰 – 🇹🇳 & they are equally good this morning for 🇲🇦 – 🇭🇷. ⚽️