June 15, 2020

Billy Hart Quartet, Live Streaming at the Village Vanguard 🎶

I just caught the Billy Hart quartet live at the Village Vanguard, thanks to the club’s streaming series. (Vijay Iyer’s trio is up next weekend.)

Hart and his conspirators were excellent. All original pieces, I believe. I particularly love Turner’s piece, “Nigeria,” with which they closed their set.


  • Billy Hart, drums
  • Ethan Iverson, piano
  • Ben Street, bass
  • Mark Turner, tenor

Partial set list:

  • ? (I missed the intro & half of the first tune)
  • Aviation (Iverson)
  • Teule’s Redemption (Hart)
  • Showdown (Iverson)
  • Ira (Hart?)
  • Amethyst (Hart)
  • Nigeria (Turner)