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Welcome to the Good Teacher (Good Teacher #1) ✝️

In this newsletter, the goal is to consider Jesus’ teaching: what makes it worth following now, 2,000 after Jesus lived? Can it speak to us today? Does it have anything to offer our world?

This newsletter won’t be about institutional Christianity; it won’t be about “spirituality,” whatever that means. Rather, we’re simply trying to answer the question “How should I live?” The goal isn’t to convert you to anything—other than to a better life.

You don’t need to assume anything about the historical truth of the stories and teachings we consider. That’s a discussion for another day. You can consider Jesus’ words entirely historical, entirely fictional, or somewhere in between.

My only assumption is that Jesus was a great & wise teacher, so it’s worthwhile to reflect on how to apply his teaching to my life. That’s what we’ll do together here.

(Even if you don’t share that one assumption, you’re welcome to join. Perhaps our reflections will help you make a fresh judgment for yourself.)