Can’t wait to dig into this one. 📚

Some days, you get lucky. Very, very lucky.

Wordle 785 2/6

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Current listening: Johnathan Blake, Passage. Blake is a master. Always brings the fire. 🎶

True confession: I’m so inept at using the MacOS Photos app that if I want to use a photo, I usually resort to just taking a screenshot of it instead. 😬

Do not hurry; do not rest.

~Goethe; h/t Annie Dillard 📚

Currently reading: Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury 📚

It’s incredible how many good book groups, seminars, & tutorials the Catherine Project is offering this fall—and all for free! I’d love to join them all. 📚

Currently reading: In Search of Lost Time Volume I Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust.

It’s been a decade or so. Just 25 pages in, I can’t believe how many gems I’ve already forgotten. 📚

Current listening: Tyshawn Sorey Trio, Continuing.

Four tracks, 53 minutes. As wide-ranging as ever for this group, which features Matt Brewer on bass and Aaron Diehl on piano. 🎶

This desk.

Click through for more detail—it’s worth it. Suddenly considering a trip to the Netherlands just to see it.